Markie Keddy is a local creative and friend of Wild Woven. She sources and sells some of our favourite vintage pieces (we even dyed a batch for her!), is a plant whisperer, and even hosted one of our day workshops back in November of 2019 in her beautiful home. Markie is a true delight to be around, and we are so excited to share our interview with her. Make sure you read to the end, because the tips she shares are excellent, soul-nourishing reminders for us all. 

Markie Keddy interview for Wild Woven

little serotonin booster from Markie Keddy


What has been your creative journey?

Growing up in a low income household we were taught at a young age to use our imaginations. We utilized anything & everything for creative projects. We attended free workshops at our local libraries & community centers. Growing up with these perspectives has given me an unconventional look at how to get creative. I love to browse a second-hand shop, hardware store, or the front lawns of other fellow beings (one human’s trash is another’s treasure!) to find items to get creative with.

We’d love for you to share some advice on cultivating a more sustainable & earth-conscious lifestyle

Try to look for items second-hand first before purchasing new. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to find that special item but when you finally manifest it, it will feel much more special to you than something new. When purchasing new, try to invest in things that will last, maybe even items that can be passed down to future generations. When you invest in items, they will feel more special - you will want to take better care of them & if they do get damaged you will want to spend the time learning how to mend & fix them up. 

It feels fairly easy these days to live a more sustainable life but try to remember that you still have to ~live~, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. A few years ago I drove myself a tad crazy thinking about all of the things I could change in my life to be more eco-conscious but during that journey I truly lost myself (completely unsustainable) & couldn’t see past all of the literal garbage we were creating here on earth. Try to find enjoyment in building a more sustainable life for yourself, try not to overthink it all. There’s a lot to learn & unlearn!

3 words to describe my personal style:

country-gal-wannabe :)

What inspires you most?

Adaptogens & herbs, moss & mushrooms ~ all that mother earth has to offer us, slow living, human resilience & dipping my toes in all of the creeks.

I could go on & on but those are some of the things that are truly inspiring me as of lately. 

Any tips, inspiration, or upcoming projects you’d like to share with our community?

The only project I’ve been working on that feels really important right now is.. me :)

Here are some tips I’ve learnt along this journey thus far:

Ground yourself, take barefoot steps upon mother earth. Get dirty, go gloveless whilst gardening. Go for a walk in the rain. Get off the internet, detox yourself from social media ~ I promise, you’ll start to feel so much more worth & joy in your everyday life here on earth! Remind yourself we’re only here once (as far as we know) & try not to take life too seriously. 


You can follow along with Markie through instagram at @slowgather