Plants are Wild: Bundle Dyeing

Bundle-dyeing is one of our most treasured methods of mark-making. We love the watercolour-quality result from this collaboration with nature!

Bundle-dyeing is a method that uses steam to gently imprint the colours and shapes of flowers and other plant materials onto a textile. Eco-printing is a similar dye technique, first discovered by Australian natural dyer India Flint, characterized by the use of leafs and plants, bundled with tree barks that are bound and boiled to create an imprint onto the cloth. We liken bundle-dyeing to watercolour painting, with the dreamy fluid shapes and colours that bleed into each other and create imprints similar to Impressionist paintings. 

When bundle dyeing our textiles, we use a variety of fresh and frozen foraged plant matter, such as marigolds collected from their gardens by our friends; imperfect roses from our florist friends Van Harten & Tossell or spent dye materials such as Avocado skins. We love the way that this process isn't totally controllable and we are always delighted by the result, especially after waiting the designated 72 hours for the big reveal. Check out our Paloma Collection to see some examples of this beautiful process.