Wild Woven Collection

CURIOUS CURIOUS: A Journal by WW x Renelyn Quinicot


In collaboration with meditation and movement teacher Renelyn Quinicot, we're thrilled to introduce Curious Curious: A self-study for cultivating compassion. A journal that gently guides you to go within, explore, and seal in the wisdom and inner knowing that comes from self-reflection. 

You'll be guided to begin with a brief breathing exercise, and then to follow the writing prompts that top each page. Each prompt offers a full page of writing space, ended with a beautiful affirmation to "seal" it in. 

A beautiful gift for those who desire to develop a writing practice or for continuing one's journey within.

The front and back covers of the journal were printed from a Wild Woven painting made with our botanical, hand-made paints. The journal is professionally printed and bound in Cambridge, Ontario, and made to last. Made using cotton Lettra stock, a luxurious cotton-based paper made from post-consumer fibres, and therefore produces no additional environmental impact in it's production.
Renelyn Quinicot (she/her) is a queer filipina artist born and raised as a settle to Tkaronto. She is a guide to various offerings of meditation and movement such as Kundalini Yoga, Pilates, cardio and more. She is interested in exploring these forms of self-study as ways to get to know the body as a carrier to lineage and story, and the breath as a site of inquiry! Renelyn believes in P L A Y as a radical act of resilience and self-preservation and carries this in her practices with additional training in how she can lead from a more trauma-aware, and anti-oppressive lens.

Botanical dyes are magic. Nature holds many secrets and the colours that certain plants provide is a testament to that. Completely natural, botanical dyes are like living colour–they’ll shift and change over time as they are used, washed and loved. 

Do I need to pre-wash my Wild Woven piece? 

When you first receive your item, it has been washed and pressed for you, so no need to wash first in order to use / wear it! We do not use any toxic chemicals or sizing on our textiles–so go ahead and put it on! Any scent on the textile can be attributed to either our steaming process, (we sometimes use herbal infused waters,) or the natural scent of the botanicals your item was dyed with. We take care to set our botanical colours as much as possible, but with all dye methods, colour transfer on the first wash or wear is always possible.

Care for Linen and Cotton: To launder your linen and cotton pieces, pair with like colours, as some pigments may release during initial washes. Use a machine or clean by hand using cool water and a gentle, natural detergent. We encourage you to hand-wash any painted items, without rubbing. Hang to dry out of direct sunlight and avoid using the dryer for longevity of your textile. You may iron using the appropriate setting. Note that the natural cotton fringe and tassels on some items do best air-dried. 

Care for Silk, Silk Noil, and Tencel: Silk and tencel require a gentle touch, consider only washing these pieces when you really need to and avoid spraying perfume directly onto silk or silk noil. Spot clean and when necessary, wash in cool water by hand, using a few drops of a natural detergent and gently swishing the textile. Please do not rub hand-painted items. Gently squeeze excess water, then hang to air dry out of direct sunlight. You can iron using the appropriate setting, or use a steamer to remove wrinkles if you wish.

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