We believe in the transformational power of creating together.

We have collaborated with many small businesses to create beautiful custom dyed pieces from large-scale tapestries, botanically-dyed vintage clothing, to custom hairdressing capes! We can work with you to make your vision a reality, and are always excited to hear what you have in mind!

Our dye process takes several days. We begin by collecting plant materials and then slowly simmering them to create our dyes. The textiles are carefully prepared to help the colours bond to the fibres. This is living colour in the truest sense. The same plant can produce different colours based on the minerals in the water or season it was harvested, or the textile itself. Plant-based colours can also bond to fibres in variable ways, sometimes creating soft marbling effects on the cloth, or saturated speckles. We invite you to enjoy the wabi-sabi nature of something being both beautiful and imperfect, and appreciate the charm of these handmade and hand-dyed pieces.

If this process resonates with you, please do not hesitate to be in touch. We would love to chat about your vision, and collaborate with you on creating something beautiful.

For some examples of our previous commissioned dye work, please see:

The Wanderly: thewanderly.com

Breeze Sustainable Market: wearebreeze.ca

Fine Tune Pilates: finetunepilates.ca

Onderbroeks: onderbroeks.ca

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