Botanically-Dyed Cloth Masks with Ear Loops
Botanically-Dyed Cloth Masks with Ear Loops
Botanically-Dyed Cloth Masks with Ear Loops
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Botanically-Dyed Cloth Masks with Ear Loops

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Botanically-dyed and handmade with natural textiles 

*New* Our masks have been redesigned and now feature an interior pocket so that you can insert a filter for a third layer!

Masks can be worn as they are for double-layered protection

Designed with elastics that loop around the ears, and wire across the nose to help improve fit 

Non-medical masks, these are meant to be worn in the community



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We designed our cloth masks to have double-layered fabric with the option to insert a filter for a third layer. We use only tightly-woven, natural textiles including cotton, tencel, and heavyweight linen. All of our masks are made from organic, tightly-woven soft cotton for the layer touching the face, and we’ve used a variety of our botanically-dyed textiles for the outer layer. 

Please select your preferred dye style and material for the outside layer of the mask (cotton, linen or tencel). Note that the results of shibori, bundle dyeing, tie-dye methods and hand-painted styles are unique so each mask will look slightly different, though the photos do represent the colours and general style well. 

These cloth masks should be washed by hand using a natural detergent and air-dried. Our masks are made using natural botanical dyes, which means that no harmful chemicals are used in their production. We believe this is especially important since they are worn on the face! Botanical dyes can shift and change over time, as is the nature of natural things. 

Please note we are not making any medical claims. Due to the nature and use of masks, we cannot accept returns or exchanges. 

We are trying to keep these locally-handmade masks as low-cost as possible, and therefore no discount codes will apply. 

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