Heirloom Baby Quilt
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Heirloom Baby Quilt

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goodnight, my angel, now it's time to dream,

and dream how wonderful your life will be. - Billy Joel 

Our modern heirloom baby quilts are truly one of a kind and incredibly special. Made lovingly by hand by a master quilter, these quilts utilize the excess botanically-dyed linen from our linen crib sheets making our production of the Baby Capsule zero-waste. Designed to be used, loved, and passed on as an heirloom piece. 

This beautiful quilt has a modern design, featuring a combination of botanically-dyed linen and neutral cotton. The back of the quilt coordinates with the border of the front, and is made with natural cotton.

48" x 33.5”

This is #4 in this limited edition series.

Our textiles have not been treated with chemical flame retardants and are made with tightly woven natural textiles. It is not recommended that babies sleep with blankets in their cribs. Please always follow best practices for baby's safety and Health Canada's recommendations.

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