Avocado & Marigold Linen Tea Towel Set
Avocado & Marigold Linen Tea Towel Set
Avocado & Marigold Linen Tea Towel Set
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Avocado & Marigold Linen Tea Towel Set

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These linen tea towels are offered in sets of two. We paired vibrant yellow from marigold flowers with the beautiful peachy pink of avocado pits for a colourful combination.

Our linen tea towels can be used in the kitchen, as a hand towel in the bathroom, as a large cloth napkin, or as a furoshiki wrapping cloth. We personally love the pop of colour they add to our homes, and hope you enjoy them just as much! 

Our botanically-dyed linen tea towels are handcrafted in Ontario. We use pure heavyweight linen and sew these using natural cotton thread. We make our dyes from foraged plants, excess food scraps, and spent flowers to give new life to natural materials and create something longer-lasting that can add the beauty of natural colour to one's home. 

Our dye process takes several days and involves harvesting plant materials, slowly simmering them to create our dyes, carefully preparing the textiles by scouring and then mordanting to help the colours attach, and then dyeing. This is living colour in the truest sense - derived from plants, the colour can shift and change over time just as any living thing does. The same plant can produce different colours based on the minerals in the water or season it was harvested. Plant-based colours can also attach to fibres in variable ways, sometimes creating soft marbling effects on the cloth. We invite you to enjoy of the wabi-sabi nature of something being both beautiful and imperfect, and appreciate the charm of these handmade and hand-dyed pieces. 

While it is generally recommended that linen is hand-washed and line-dried, we find these hold up well through the washing machine as long as they are paired with like colours. If put in the dryer, please remove promptly when complete. 

All items in this collection are carefully handmade and botanically-dyed. By nature, each item is unique. Efforts are made to provide a thorough description and photography that represents the colourways and unique characteristics of a naturally-dyed item though botanical dye colours can vary between batches.

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